Jewish food fight (at Park Slope Co-op)


In my article last month, Zionist Bullying in the West Coast Co-op Movement, I described moves within the co-op movement on the American west coast to undermine the proposed boycott of Israeli goods (Knott 2012).

These manouevres have a history. Ten years ago, San Francisco’s Rainbow food co-op stopped selling Israeli food as a protest against the racial oppression of Palestinians. Jews picketed the store, employing the highly original argument that the boycott was ‘anti-Semitic’ (Strasburg 2002).

Back in the eighties, Rainbow, along with other progressive capitalist enterprises around the world, boycotted the products of apartheid South Africa. If any customer complained, they were called ‘racist’ and told to leave. But Rainbow co-op was unable to stand up to Jewish supremacy. To cut a long story short, the co-op capitulated, and agreed to stock Israeli products.

Times change. Recently, Jews sued the food co-op in Olympia, Rachel Corrie’s home town, for boycotting Israeli produce. They lost, and had to pay the co-op’s legal costs (Olympia BDS 2012).

The boycott of apartheid goods is threatening to spread east. The Park Slope Food co-op in Brooklyn just had a vote on boycotting the products of racial supremacy. The Jewish-dominated progressive community voted 60-40 against the boycott (Weiss 2012). Progressive blogger Philip Weiss says, “the locus of opposition in America to the idea of Palestinian freedom is inside the liberal American Jewish community”. Unfortunately, he is incapable of taking the next step, indulging instead in a schmaltz-fest of victimology to excuse the supremacist behavior of his fellow tribesmen. I used to comment on the Mondoweiss blog, but it’s not my job to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.


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