Waking up the West to the Cuckoo in the Nest

A cuckoo chick gulls its step-parent

A reply to Laura Stuart…

Laura Stuart’s March 30th article “Baroness Cox is Pro Israel and Anti Islam” complains about the anti-Muslim, pro-Israel, views expressed by a member of Britain’s House of Lords, Baroness Caroline Cox. She concludes the best hope for Palestine solidarity is appealing to Muslims.

I respectfully disagree. I feel that the approach current in British Palestine circles, and defended on this site, a combination of Islamic and socialist narratives, won’t play in Peoria.

1. Caroline Cox claims that radical Islam is the third onslaught of ‘totalitarian evil’, following fascism and communism. Laura Stuart calls this ‘Islamophobia’. It might be more effective to criticise her ladyship (Caroline, not Laura) for factual inaccuracy, rather than political incorrectness:

a. The Baroness fails to distinguish carefully between the small cluster of Sunni Muslim organizations which really hate the West, and the much larger number of Islamic movements which have no intrinsic quarrel with European civilization, and

b. obscuring the interests of the Western countries, which is to drive a wedge between

  •  the anti-Western Islamic radicals, and
  • those which only oppose Jewish supremacy, and

c. she exaggerates the power of the aforementioned anti-Western groups, and

d. she parrots the Zionist narrative which amalgamates all radical Islamic parties.

2. But the blanket charge ‘Islamophobia’ reinforces that amalgam. It makes it sound like its Western people against Muslims, which makes Western support for Israel look rational.

3. The most effective criticism of Baroness Cox and the other Western politicians who grovel to Jewish interests, is not their opposition to a minority, but their betrayal of the interests of the majority.

4. It’s true that Muslims around the world tend to be critical of Israel. Most of the 38 countries which don’t recognise Israel are Muslim, but

5. this lack of recognition has not weakened Jewish supremacy in Palestine, because the much more powerful Western countries support Israel unconditionally.

6. In Western countries, emphasizing Zionist ‘Islamophobia’ is often useless, because

  • Muslims already know about it, and
  • non-Muslims tend not to care, especially since September 11th, 2001.

Even if you believe ‘9/11 was an inside job’, most people, including yours truly, don’t. The following points might be more persuasive to the public:

  • Jews didn’t ethnically cleanse Palestine because it was populated mostly by Muslims, but because it was populated mostly by non-Jews
  • Jewish racism toward Arabs appears to coincide with old-fashioned European chauvinism, but in fact, it is an expression of hostility toward most of humanity, white Europeans included.

George Galloway & Ron Paul

The difference between the dominant current in Palestine solidarity, and the approach I advocate, can be summarised in the persons of British socialist MP George Galloway, and of American conservative congressman, Ron Paul, the only candidate who wants to reduce aid to Israel (to zero). Which of these two approaches represent the best long-term investment for the liberation of the Palestinians?

Leftism obscures the issue. Israel is not a tool of imperialism; it does not protect the oilfields; it is not a forward base; it does not fight for America. On the contrary; its chickenhawk agents send our sons and daughters to war on its behalf. It consumes at least 30% the US aid budget (JVP 2004). It is a cuckoo in the nest, an albatross around the neck.

Aid to Israel is the gift that never stops taking. Wallowing in victimology, hypocrisy and ingratitude, its supporters exploit the openness of the Western political, communication and education systems, to undermine the universalist, enlightenment values on which they are based, and to turn them into tools of Jewish tribal power. Political correctness tries to make the above observations unthinkable.

Exaggerating the similarities between Israeli policies and Western ‘colonialism’ is ineffective, and perhaps that is why Jewish leftists insist on doing it. Palestine solidarity, in the ‘imperialist’ countries, might be more cogent if it tried to make their populations aware of, not ashamed of, their interests. In the Israel/Palestine question, it is not class interests which divide us.


Stuart, L. (2012). Baroness Cox is Pro Israel and Anti Islam.


Jewish Voice for Peace (2004). US Military Aid to Israel.


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