Down with the Tinley Park Five!


I got an email from some Stalinists in New York calling for support for the ‘Tinley Park Five’, a group of people who are facing trial for allegedly assaulting ‘white supremacists’ holding a meeting in Chicago.

“Eighteen anti-racists, with weapons in hand, confronted members of the Illinois European Heritage Association. Ten people were reportedly injured, mainly with head wounds.”

According to the International Action Center, the group of people they assaulted

“along with Stormfront, the “Nationalist Socialist Movement” and other KKK types belonging to the “Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) movement,” seeks “to establish mutually supportive white supremacist enclaves throughout the United States,” according to the Anti-Defamation League website.”

But the Anti-Defamation League is a Zionist organization with millions of dollars in its coffers. It labels even mild criticism of Israel as ‘hate’ and its Jewish supremacist views are universally defended in the media, and among almost all politicians, in the world’s most powerful country. In contrast, the National Socialists, whose views are the white European equivalent of the ADL, are completely powerless. Even peaceful defence of white identity is universally excoriated, while Zionism is backed to the hilt.

The Tinley Park Five and other violent anti-fascists’ lack of a sense of proportion is more than accidental. Their support for the ADL’s diversion of the left toward the non-existent problem of ‘white supremacy’, makes them allies of Zionism. They are not anti-racists, they are allies of the only significant form of racism left in the Western world.

None of the above means I think white identity is a good thing, though of course that’s exactly what anti-fascists will say. They are dishonest as well as racist.

They are also enemies of freedom of speech. Attacking a peaceful meeting in the USA, causing ‘head wounds’, is going to get you a long jail sentence. Even left-wing people who disagree with anti-fascists have been threatened by morons like the Tinley Park Five. I’m glad they are not going to be walking the streets, ‘weapons in hand’, for a while.

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