Jewish hate group targets 9/11 truth movement

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is one of the wealthiest Zionist organizations in America. The government treats it almost as one of its departments.

Professor Steven Salaita analyzed the ADL and showed it is a “hate group” according to its own criteria (1).

Palestine solidarity activists are wary of the ADL. But there are similar groups with a more left-wing image. Chief among these is the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC), which is also a hate group, if we judge it by its own criteria. (Recently, the $PLC labeled a homophobic organization a “hate group”  – but this labeling itself inspired a gay activist to shoot the organization’s security guard!).

Another example is a small but active organization known as “Anti-Racist Action” (ARA). If the ADL is a hate group, ARA certainly is one. The ADL uses temperate language; ARA has a more shrill, “politically correct” tone (2).

ARA tries to blackmail progressive movements such as co-ops into censoring any discussion of Jewish power. Those who do discuss this issue, it calls “psuedo-intellectuals” (sic), and invites them to attend reeducation courses. Whereas the ADL attempts to discredit Palestine activists by claiming they are connected to “Islamic terrorists”, ARA tries to link them to “neo-Nazi terrorists” (2).

ARA tries to prevent meetings of people whom it claims are prone to violence. More precisely, it is concerned with a narrow subset of these people, those who are critical of Jewish power, and only those who happen to be white. It tries to make it so we only criticize Christianity and white supremacy.

Recently, ARA leafletted an area of Oregon City, saying one of their neighbors belongs to a far-right group called “Volksfront”. They also told his employer, and he was dismissed.

ARA also harasses the 9/11 truth movement. In the early days, this movement held Republican president George W. Bush and the CIA responsible for “orchestrating” the September 11th attacks. This was acceptable to the Jewish left. It was when the truth movement claimed to find evidence of Israeli involvement that the “anti-racists” started to oppose it, making threats, and trying to get a member of the movement fired.

This story is a storm in a teacup, involving a couple of dozen people, but if the ARA’s campaign succeeds, it will be seen as a practice-run for widespread intimidation by more powerful Zionist groups.

ARA tries to discredit any argument that tends to undermine Jewish power, no matter how well-sourced. For example, here is how it describes Alison Weir:

the president of the Council for the National Interest infamous for pushing the modern blood libel that there is an Israeli conspiracy to harvest the organs of Palestinian children” (2)

Weir’s articles do not say that there is an Israeli conspiracy to harvest the organs of Palestinian children. Her information about organ-theft comes from the Anthropology Department at UC Berkeley (3).

Groups like ARA are concerned with ethnic interests, not truth. To illustrate this, let’s take several conspiracy theories, and ARA’s approach to evaluating them:

  •       Mossad orchestrated 9/11
  •       The CIA orchestrated 9/11
  •       Israel is the world’s leader in organ-theft
  •       The Holocaust ® has been greatly exaggerated
  •       The Israel Lobby is the most important influence on US Middle East policy

Below, I chart these ideas on two axes. The horizontal axis is how offensive each theory is to Jews. The vertical axis is how unlikely I think the theory is to be true.

For example, I believe it highly unlikely that the CIA was responsible for 9/11, and very likely that the Lobby is responsible for US policy in the Middle East. You may disagree with my ranking. But that’s not my point. My point is that, however intelligent or imbecilic you think each of these theories are, Jewish hate groups don’t use the vertical axis at all, only the horizontal one. They judge an idea on how offensive an idea is – how much it challenges Jewish interests – not on its empirical basis.

Unlikelihood/Offensiveness Chart

The ADL, ARA, etc. reject the idea that Mossad was involved in 9/11, because Mossad is Jewish. They reject the idea that Israel is a major organ-trafficker, because it is the Jewish state. Their concern is not truth, but the defense of Jewish ethnic interests. Sometimes, these conflict with other interests. In particular, they lead to opposing freedom of speech, as ARA’s recent activity clearly demonstrates (2). If they really want people to stop talking about Jewish conspiracies to undermine Western values, they need to stop conspiring to undermine Western values.

How do we combat the influence of these groups? We should explain to their victims that it is illegal to fire someone for their opinions. If they leaflet an area denouncing someone as a “racist”, we can produce a flyer defending that person’s freedom, and explaining the real reasons he is being denounced.

We could use the same techniques, and tell ARA members’ employers about their politics. But we wouldn’t do that, and they know it. Tribal politics sees adherence to universal values as a weakness, and takes advantage of it. This undermines universalism, and eventually provokes a tribalist counter-reaction. We need to work out how to stop this vicious circle.