Free-speech advocates get cold feet when it comes to the holocaust

auschwitz-entrance.jpgSam Harris and Milo Yiannopoulos are well-known on Youtube defending freedom of speech against social justice warriors. But on one issue, they get a bit “SJW” themselves. That’s the holocaust.

Normally, Harris, an American, defends freedom of speech on principle. But in the case of laws against “holocaust denial”, in an interview with Dave Rubin, he argues more pragmatically: “I think the holocaust denial laws in Europe are absurd and counterproductive“.

Pragmatic and principled positions are incompatible, even when they’re the same. You have to ask yourself “were they different, which would I defend, the principled or the pragmatic position?”

¬†Gay gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos responds to the question of “holocaust denial” in a more defensive fashion. In the middle of a valuable eight-hour “Tubeathon” to support Gregory Allen Elliot, a Canadian victim of anti-free-speech laws, he lets this out, in response to another participant complaining about Canada’s holocaust denial law:

I mean normally I would be relatively unsympathetic to people asking questions, sort of questioning the holocaust, so unpack that for us, ‘cos I know that’s not quite what you mean… I think we can all agree that this is somewhere the state should… the proper mechanism for that is social censure…