False Friends of Freedom


Scotsman Mark Meechan was convicted on 20 March this year for making a Youtube video showing a dog doing Nazi salutes. In response, on 6 May, a rally was held in London to defend freedom of expression. The speakers included Tommy Robinson, who in February had persuaded Luton council to remove an poster advertising a rally for Palestinian rights, calling it “terrorist”.


The reason he said that is because he thought the rally had something to do with Hezbollah, which is one of the main opponents of the Sunni terrorist groups which threaten Western civilians. It is backed by Iran. There are two countries which confuse this issue, and Robinson probably didn’t get it from Saudi Arabia.

I was impressed by the Australian magazine Quillette, “a platform for free thought”. So I subscribed to the magazine’s Patreon page, and joined The Quillette Circle on Facebook. It included a few Jewish racists, hypocritically calling me a racist for arguing that Israel is a racist state. Eventually, I was banned from the Facebook page without explanation, but I had criticised Canadian professor Jordan Peterson’s “On the so-called Jewish question”.

He’s against laws about “gender pronouns” (see for example “He says freedom, they say hate” – The Star, 15 January 2017), but quite p.c. where Jewish feelings are concerned.

The first sentence of “On the so-called Jewish question” uses a phrase designed to shut down debate, and abuses Peterson’s position as a psychologist to describe the defence of a position he disagrees with as “pathological”. He uses the term “conspiracy theory” misleadingly in two ways. He implies a conspiracy theory is invalid a priori, whereas there are valid theories about conspiracies. Here’s one – “The Philip Cross Affair”, by Craig Murray. And in any case, the theories Peterson refers to are not about a conspiracy. The concept “Jewish power” does not imply it is maintained primarily by secret, criminal activity [1].

The second paragraph begins “First, psychologically speaking: why do the reactionary conspiracy theorists even bother?” and ends with a reductio ad Hitlerum. And so on.

Peterson is an accomplished academic, and knows this approach is invalid. Why does he commit such obvious logical fallacies? It’s as if he’s desperately trying to disassociate himself from “reactionary conspiracy theorists”. On 11 May, Forward magazine asked “Is Jordan Peterson Enabling Jew Hatred?

He responded by again displaying his p.c. credentials. On 25 May, I asked Peterson the following question on a Reddit AMA:

Hello, professor Peterson. On 13 May, you posted on your Facebook page a link to “Left and right wing Anti-Semitism/Zionism”: http://www.jerusalemonline.com/blogs/lucie-a.-ramsey/op-ed-left-and-right-wing-anti-semitism/zionism-35777

It contains the following diagnosis of “anti-Semitism”:

“All forms of this deadly disease—far-right Nazi-based, religious-based and leftist anti-Israel-based—are responsible for deadly attacks against Jews worldwide, having escalated during the past 25 years.”

I suffer from the “leftist anti-Israel-based” form of this deadly disease. Do you know of any cure? Thank you.

Like Peterson, professor Gad Saad claims to oppose the leftist policy of deplatforming controversial speakers. But when he and Peterson were due to speak, on the subject of freedom of speech, alongside journalist Faith Goldy at Ryerson University on 16 August 2017, they accepted the organisers’ decision to disinvite her. This is Saad’s explanation – it’s the Jewish question:

Spiked Online is a magazine which campaigns for freedom. It points to several sources of threats to it, such as governments, the European Union, and the left. But none of its articles have opposed the British government proposal to make it illegal to describe Israel as racist – see “Antisemitism in the UK”, 13 October 2016 (PDF).

In an 11 April article, “Why do you hate Israel?”, its editor, Brendan O’Neill, claimed that the answer is anti-semitism. In other words, if you think you oppose Israel for its racism, it’s racism.

O’Neill exposes the exaggeration of racism in the UK – see for example “The truth behind the Brexit hate crime ‘spike’” – except anti-semitism, which he exaggerates.

While I was writing this article, and dozens of unarmed Palestinians were being murdered by the IDF on the Gaza border, O’Neill published “The Siege of Israel”, expressing unconditional support for the murderers.

New York Times editor Bari Weiss criticises left-wing intolerance for dissent, particularly on college campuses. But in 2004 and 2005, she tried hard to silence academics at Columbia University who criticise Israel. This Intercept article, by Glenn Greenwald, exposes Weiss’s history of opposition to academic freedom – “NYT’s Bari Weiss Falsely Denies Her Years of Attacks on the Academic Freedom of Arab Scholars Who Criticize Israel”.

Unfortunately, Greenwald’s gratuitous mention of the academics’ ethnicity reveals that he is an SJW. His article suggests that, because Weiss’s complaints about left-wing assaults on freedom of speech are hypocritical, they are invalid. This is a false dichotomy. In fact, leftists compete with Zionists to lead the the assault on freedom: see my “The left-wing campaign against Western liberal values”. 

To summarise, many of the putative defenders of freedom of expression, are either unaware of, or in some cases, subservient to, one of freedom’s most aggressive enemies: the Jewish lobby. They didn’t defend Britain’s Labour Party against SJeW attacks, in fact, Quillette published an article supporting them: “Labour Power-Games Threaten 150 Years of British-Jewish Identity”. 

None of them have criticised the effort to persuade the UK government to make it illegal to call Israel “a racist endeavour”, despite having been made aware of it. I don’t suppose all the people mentioned above read all the comments, but I know that several of them have read some of mine, and they are certainly aware of jazz musician and ex-Israeli Gilad Atzmon.

None of them have supported this brave individual against the efforts of the Campaign Against Antisemitism to shut down him, his politics, and even his music: “Gilad Atzmon needs your immediate support”. 

The reason is his critique of Jewish power, e.g. his books “The Wandering Who?” and “Being In Time”, and his essays, e.g. “Alan Dershowitz – the key to Athens”.

On 25 May, another Youtuber was convicted of offending Jews. The prosecution was initially brought privately by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, then taken over by the state: “Woman who posted Holocaust denial songs to YouTube convicted”.

About 20 supporters of the musician shouted “shame” from the public gallery, but the Campaign Against Antisemitism boasted

Alison Chabloz has dedicated herself over the course of years to inciting others to hate Jews, principally by claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by Jews to defraud the world. She is now a convicted criminal. This verdict sends a strong message that in Britain Holocaust denial and antisemitic conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.

One couldn’t ask for a clearer admission of opposition to freedom of expression. To defend freedom consistently, you have to stand up to Jewish power.

  1. Zionist organisations usually label themselves “Jewish”, giving the false impression that they represent a people, rather than an ideology. So when you call them “Zionist”, they claim you mean “Jewish”, and your anti-Zionism is anti-semitism. When I use the phrase “Jewish power”, it no more implies hostility to Jews per se than using the term “white supremacy” means hostility to white people. But there is more to Jewish power than Zionism. It has a left face as well as a right-wing, overtly racist one.


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