Battle of the racists: Bari Weiss versus Ilhan Omar


New York Times columnist Bari Weiss is a Jewish racial supremacist, and one of the founders of the “intellectual dark web”, which unites her with luminaries such as Jordan Peterson and Claire Lehmann, claiming to fight for freedom of expression. She was exposed by Glenn Greenwald, in NYT’s Bari Weiss Falsely Denies Her Years of Attacks on the Academic Freedom of Arab Scholars Who Criticize Israel.

Now she has attacked Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar,  accusing her of “anti-semitism” for supporting the campaign to boycott Israel.

This last week in America has seen a spectacular outburst of another kind of racism. Following the publication of a picture and video of a white teenager in a group of schoolchildren from Kentucky apparently smirking at an old Indian man at the Lincoln Memorial in DC, the media went into overdrive, doxxing, slandering, and calling for these innocent children to be murdered. Never has anti-white, anti-male hatred been more clearly expressed. It wasn’t just feminists on Twitter, it was the New York Times, the Guardian and CNN. Politicians joined the fray. One of them was Ilhan Omar: Covington Catholic lawyer adds Rep. Ilhan Omar to ‘libel,’ ‘get sued’ list.

Weiss is a bit more subtle than Omar, but they are both saturated with racial hatred. The are both opposed to the interests of the majority of the inhabitants of Western civilization – white Europeans.


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