How differently the US government treated the murders of Rachel Corrie and Kayla Mueller

Rachel and Kayla

Rachel Corrie and Kayla Mueller were both American peace activists who were killed in their twenties while peacefully opposing political violence in the Middle East, Rachel in 2003, and Kayla in 2015.

The White House treated these two similar murders quite differently.

Google "Kayla Mueller"

You’ll find this

which says

She worked with humanitarian organizations in India, Israel, and the Palestinian territories, compelled by her desire to serve others.

Google "Rachel Corrie"

You’ll find nothing.

Rachel was murdered by the Israelis, Kayla by the Islamic extremists of ISIS. Rachel was run over by an Israeli bulldozer while she was trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian house. The driver had a clear view of her. ISIS claimed Kayla was killed in an air strike. However, ISIS have murdered numerous hostages, prisoners of war and civilians, and even if it was an air strike, ISIS are responsible for taking an innocent civilian into a war zone.

Some would explain the differential treatment of the murder of these two women by the fact that the Republicans controlled the White House in 2003, and the Democrats in 2015. This implies that, if an activist like Rachel Corrie was killed by the Israelis today, the White House would react in a similar fashion to the way it reacts to murders by ISIS. It would treat Israel as an enemy. Right?

President Bush did speak to Israel’s prime minister about Corrie’s death. He accepted Ariel Sharon’s promise of a “thorough, credible, and transparent investigation.” The investigation took place, and the bulldozer driver was exonerated.


  1. What happened to Rachel Corrie was a tragedy and a travesty. How my so-called government and so-called president reacted to it was deplorable. I became absolutely anti-Zionist after I learned about what happened to Ms. Corrie.

  2. Because the bulldozer driver couldn’t see her. She was sitting down. Two of her friends almost died that day, too, while standing. And it wasn’t a Palestinian house. It was a shed. A shed which housed a terror tunnel for smuggling weapons and explosives and bombs. Bombs that murdered 60 innocent civilians including many children and teens the very days before Corrie died protecting terrorism.

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