“There’s a great virtue in being objective” – scientists vs. historians

sand_DVAn article on Counterpunch i, says that Shlomo Sand, the Israeli historian who produced evidence that most Jews have no ancestors who lived in Palestine, has gone to ground. Another ii,  in the New York Times, reports an attempt by scientists to analyze DNA to find out how much relatively recent African genes are mixed in with European (we’re all Africans if you go back far enough).

“In some sense we don’t want to talk to historians,” Falush said. “There’s a great virtue in being objective: You put the data in and get the history out. We do think this is a way of reconstructing history by just using DNA.”

Why not talk to historians? Falush is too polite to say so, but historians are in the section of academia known as “humanities”, which has been corrupted by political correctness. In the West, this leads to unscientific “anti-racist” narratives. In Israel, it’s the opposite.

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