A footballer takes a stand against faux anti-racism


France’s most popular comedian is a black guy called Dieudonné M’Bala. One of his supporters is a  footballer named Nicholas Anelka. Dieudonné has been prosecuted under France’s “anti-racist” (anti-freedom) laws, fined and had shows canceled for making a gesture called the quenelle (see picture). Roughly translated, this gesture means “up yours to the establishment”.

Anelka made the gesture, in support of Dieudonné, during a game for his (ex) club in the English Premier League, West Bromwich Albion, in December last year.

Part of the “anti-racist” left, and some of its Zionist allies, claimed that the gesture is “abusive and/or indecent and/or insulting and/or improper,” and “included a reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or religion or belief“, and an “independent” commission agreed. Among the allegations is that the “quenelle” gesture is an “inverted Nazi salute”. The idea that black Frenchmen would give Nazi salutes is too ridiculous to waste time with.

But the cowards of the Football Association, Anelka’s club, and its sponsor, fell over each other to grovel to the “anti-racists”. Anelka was suspended for five games, and fined. He was also ordered to undergo “education” – reminiscent of Stalinist “re-education camps”. The final straw was when he was told to apologize.

Anelka delivered an inspiring “up yours” to his employers, and to the p.c. establishment in general, by tearing up his contract. He tweeted:

Following talks between the club and me, propositions were made to me in order to reintegrate me into the squad under certain conditions that I cannot accept. Wishing to retain my integrity, I have therefore taken the decision to free myself and put an end to the contract linking me with West Bromwich Albion to 2014, with immediate effect. i

West Brom are right to say that this is an “unprofessional” way to resign. By resigning on Twitter, rather than through the official channels, Anelka showed his contempt for them.

The “anti-racist” establishment isn’t really about fighting “racism”. Persecuting a footballer for an obscure gesture in support of a French comedian is not going to have much effect on attitudes in England. It’s about power – trying to make people accept being told what to think, taking advantage of our eagerness to please, our fear of being accused of wicked thoughts.

Normally, this guilt is turned against white people, in the guise of defending black people. But the attacks on Anelka and Dieudonné indicate that it’s more about Jewish power than black advancement.

An informative introduction to the Dieudonné scandal in English is in this recent Counterpunch article ii by Diana Johnstone. Gilad Atzmon has also written about it iii.

iii http://www.gilad.co.uk/display/Search?moduleId=5012157&searchQuery=anelka


Update, April 4 2014: two more articles about footballers and the ‘quenelle’:


Two more French-African footballers are facing sanctions from the morons of the FA.


Meanwhile, Nicholas Anelka continues to stand his ground. If white European opponents of Jewish supremacy had Anelka’s integrity, it wouldn’t exist.


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