The SPLC – beyond parody


The Southern Poverty Law Center, known to its admirers by the initials $PLC, has exceeded its normal bounds of logic and reason. Reacting to the murder of three attendees at a Jewish Center in Kansas City on April 13th, the $PLC argues

The fact of the matter is that more people have been killed domestically by radical right extremists than Islamic extremists since 9/11

Since September 11th, 2001, more people have been murdered in the USA by white extremists than by Muslims. But if you choose September 10, 2001, as your starting date, the opposite is true.

Notice also that the $PLC distinguishes between ‘radical right extremists’ and ‘Islamic extremists’. Despite their medieval views, the latter can’t be classified as ‘radical right extremists’, because most of them aren’t white!

P.S. Good news – the $PLC and the “Anti” Defamation League have been dropped by the FBI.

P.P.S. The above comment was too hasty:

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