The continuing media campaign against the Duke lacrosse three



If the Duke University false-allegation-of-rape case of 2006 were nothing more than the persecution of three students by a university, solely because they are white, male, and allegedly wealthy, and that their accuser is black and female, it would show nothing more than the corruption of one university by political correctness – the reverse of discrimination against minorities, women, etc..


But the fact that the district attorney, the local police department, and most of the media, joined eighty-eight academics at the university, in stating or implying their guilt, long after it was clear that no crime had taken place, shows that it’s not just academia. Political correctness is more deeprooted and widespread.


Though they were proven innocent – rather than merely “not guilty”, the DA who prosecuted them was imprisoned for misconduct in the case, and their accuser convicted of murder, much of the mainstream media, for example, the New York Times, Salon, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the Daily News, Newsday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, FT Magazine, and the Daily Beast, continues to try to convince the public that they were in fact guilty of something: How the Media Again Failed on the Duke Lacrosse Story.


 The Washington Post is an honorable exception.


The continuing saga of the Duke lacrosse three contradicts the hypothesis of professional anti-racists that the USA’s dominant culture is white supremacist, etc..


P.S.  K.C. Johnson’s blog “Durham in Wonderland” about the Duke scandal has shut up shop. Its author now writes for Minding the Campus.

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