The case of the Central Park Five – evidence of a racist society?


I argue that USA today is one of the least racial supremacist societies in history.

The story of the Central Park Five appears to be evidence against my hypothesis, which I defend in these blog posts and others:

Five black and Latino teenagers were convicted of the rape of a woman jogging in Central Park, New York, in 1989. It took until 2002 for the state to find that they didn’t do it:

A civil lawsuit against the city alleged that the men’s convictions were racially motivated and that their confessions, upon which convictions were largely based, were coerced by law enforcement.

Note that these are two separate allegations: “racially motivated” and “coerced by law enforcement”. Obviously, their confessions were coerced – they wouldn’t have confessed to something they didn’t do otherwise. “Racially motivated” is a more difficult charge to prove.

PS. Here’s a good article on the case from Counterpunch:

PPS. Police murder of a black teenager in St Louis could also be evidence of racism:


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