Contrasting media reactions to massacres in South Africa and Gaza


After the Soweto massacre

The Guardian view on Soweto and the rise of anti whiteism

Of course, it wasn’t like that. In 1976, the Guardian and the rest of the Western press didn’t worry that the massacre of black schoolchildren in Soweto, South Africa, by the police, supported by a large section of the white population, would result in hostility to white people.

The Guardian view on Gaza and the rise of antisemitism

But today, when Jews are doing pretty much the same thing, the Guardian is worried that people might not like them.

Attacks on synagogues, Jewish shops and individuals – even children – are rising. They are inexcusable.

This article whines about “antisemitism” in Europe, amalgamating the Toulouse killings by a lone demented Muslim two years ago, with protests against Israel today, and claiming that French people defending themselves against the JDL are “racist”. Yet the article contains an admission:

Yes, Jews feel bound up with Israel, they believe in its right to survive and thrive. But that does not mean they should be held responsible for its policy…

Firstly, not all Jews believe in Israel’s right to “survive and thrive”. Secondly, those that do are responsible — not for its “policy” — it’s not a question of policy. Israel doesn’t do ethnic cleansing — Israel is ethnic cleansing.

Israeli Jews murder hundreds of people, including many children, and Jews around the world support them. Naturally, there is hostility toward these murderers and their supporters. The media is at least as concerned with the reaction, which it labels “antisemitism”, as it is with the cause. The liberal veneer comes off — the Guardian and most of the rest of the media subordinates itself to Jewish interests.


A lucky child who survived the Gaza massacre

PS. The Guardian editorial is a watered-down version of an article the previous day by Jon Henley – “worst times since the Nazis”:

PPS. Another example of concern about antisemitism, from Valerie Tarico on Huffington Post:

Israel has violated international law and may well be guilty of war crimes.


I get so overwhelmed by the flood of thinly veiled Jew-loathing that I can’t respond to anything else.

Hopefully, this means she’ll shut the fuck up.

PPPS. Finally, here’s p.c. leftist Richard Seymour, also getting his knickers in a twist about “antisemitism” in Europe:


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