Portland Racists Celebrate Gaza Massacre; Anti-racists Ignore It

During the recent attack on Gaza, which killed over 160 people, including 37 children (1), Jewish communities around America rallied to the defense of Israel. In Portland, Oregon, over 225 members of the community came together to show their solidarity with the fatherland. A congresswoman showed up to pledge unconditional support from the establishment, and all the other Oregon politicians sent their best wishes. A speaker said that Israelis are expected to conform to higher standards than the common run of humanity:

Israel’s actions seem to be judged by a different/higher standard – and much of that is based on what Israel expects of herself. Dr. David believes there will always be a gap between what is best for Israel itself and moral/Jewish values on what actions to take. (2)

Portland has an active “anti-fascist” brigade. They also do their best to police the left-wing milieu, trying to ensure criticism of Jewish power is kept ineffective. While the Israelis were murdering Palestinian families, these “anti-racists” prioritized harassing an obscure organization called “Oregonians for Immigration Reform”, which they claim harbors :

barely-coded racism to agitate against immigrant populations of color. (3)

This anti-immigration group isn’t overtly racist. But the racism of the Jewish Federation isn’t “barely-coded”. It unconditionally supports the ongoing project of ethnically cleansing Palestine of gentiles, in order to make way for Jews. It supports whatever American policies, whatever economic and military sacrifices are needed, to maintain Jewish supremacy in the Middle East.

Portland Jewish Federation

Oregonians for Immigration Reform

explicit defense of racial supremacy



support for bombing civilians



support from Oregon politicians


 0 %

hypocritical whining



moral/Jewish values



subject to attempts to prevent meetings



Anti-immigration groups don’t bomb Mexico. They contribute a drop compared to the ocean of racism which pours out of America’s Jewish establishment daily. .


To be fair, anti-fascists sometimes oppose aspects of Zionism. Recently, Islamophobic posters appeared on buses, claiming Israel and America are allies against “savages”. Anti-fascists put stickers on them bearing the word “racist”. But they only criticize Zionism when it is allied with white gentile hatemongers. Liberal politicians are more important allies of Zionism than the knuckledraggers, who just lost another election. Anti-fascists leave the core of Zionist power in America untouched, and try to prevent others from even discussing it. It’s almost as if they are telling Zionists not to be so crude and obvious.

The ‘anti-fascist’ groups greatly exaggerate white racism, while trying to prevent discussion of the far more powerful phenomenon of Jewish supremacy, calling such discussion “anti-semitic activism”. Their net contribution is in defense of Zionist power.

1. Precise figures are hard to come by. The number of 160+ comes from the al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, Gaza, 21 November:


2. Portland Jewish Federation Blog, 30 November: http://www.jewishportland.org/blog_post.aspx?id=6281

3. Rose City Antifascists, 5 December:


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