Social Justice, Cultural Marxism, and Jewish Power

Jewish Power

Famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz was in the forefront of critics of the left-wing attacks on freedom of speech which spread across US campuses during 2015. But he and other Zionists use the same techniques as the totalitarian left to try to censor campus critics of Israel.

When two moderate critics of Israeli policies, Omar Barghouti and Judith Butler, were invited to speak at Brooklyn College in February 2013, in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, Dershowitz called it a “hate orgy”, and some Jewish students used the argument that the discussion would “contribute significantly to a hostile environment for Jewish students on our campus” i.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is trying the same thing at the University of California. Glenn Greenwald explains what is happening (The Intercept, September 26, 2015) ii.

If you google the phrase “hostile environment for Jewish students”, you can find other examples of Jews trying to use politically-correct language to undermine the freedom of campus critics of Israel. These critics are often part of the p.c. left, so it becomes a competition to see who can use crybaby tactics most effectively.

Social Justice

At the time of writing, Canadian graphics designer Gregory Alan Elliott is being threatened with prison for criticising feminists iii. He’s also been banned from the internet, which means he has no income. His crime was to defend, on Twitter, a man who created a video game in which you could punch a feminist in the face. Another feminist accused him of “criminal harassment”, and he was arrested, although the arresting officer said in court his tweets were not threatening. A typical example: “Methinks the lady doth snark too much“.

In 2012, a member of a bike co-op in Portland, Oregon, whom I call “comrade X”, was driven out of his job by a group called “Anti-Racist Action”, ostensibly because he had contacts with so-called “white supremacists”, but in reality, because he campaigned for a boycott of Israeli goods. I describe their campaign in my article “Zionist Bullying in the West Coast Co-op Movementiv. I don’t defend every aspect of the article today – for example, I no longer condemn “Islamophobia”.

But I was right to call the persecutors of comrade X “Zionists”,

  • because the effect of their persecution was to undermine his attempt to persuade the co-operative movement to boycott Israeli goods,
  • because they list “antisemitism” as a major problem in the USA today, and
  • because their successful campaign to have X fired had a chilling effect on discussion of the Jewish Lobby.

This is good for Israel, whose influence in the USA depends on people being afraid of talking about this issue.

However, as well as being, consciously or otherwise, friends of Israel, they are part of a wider movement which is not subordinate to Jewish supremacy. Its members are known to their detractors as “social justice warriors”, or SJWs.

Anti-Racist Action’s SJW credentials can be seen in their language and behaviour:

  • they advocated a “safe space policy” in the co-ops
  • they said comrade X should be “held accountable” for exercising his freedom of speech
  • they offered to re-educate him on “antisemitism in the left”

They called for

  • firing comrade X
  • a public apology
  • “a meaningful anti-oppression policy” at his co-op, including anti-oppression re-education

X did in fact publicly apologise, but of course, this only encouraged the SJW bullies.

In August last year, a man who has also experienced a SJW hate campaign, but who has beaten it, Vox Day, published a book which examines the issue of Social Justice in great detail. It’s called “SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police” (Castalia House, August 2015) v.

He sums up the fight against Social Justice as follows: it’s the Western ideals Truth, Liberty and Justice versus the SJW notions Equality, Diversity, Tolerance and Progress. He deconstructs each of these four fine-sounding slogans.

He goes into some recent examples of Social Justice in action.

The book explains #GamerGate, a phrase I’d heard a lot, but didn’t know what it was about. It’s a successful campaign against a feminist attack on the freedom of video game writers. One of its consequences was the ouster of SJW Ellen Pao as CEO of Reddit.

The example I found most comprehensible, because I know a lot about the subject, is the section about the Ruby Programming Language Users Group at Barclays Bank in London. It quotes an SJW in Human Resources explaining how they changed the recruitment process so they don’t review the software written by a potential recruit on, because most of it is written by “cis white men”! (‘Cis’ means ‘cisexual’ – the opposite of transexual).

I’ve written software at Barclays, I program in Ruby, and I have a Github account which I use to demonstrate my skill to potential employers. As Vox Day relates in great detail, similar things happen at Google and other US corporations. I knew universities, most of the media, and government are deeply infested with SJWs, but I didn’t realise they had actually made “the long march through the institutions” (see below).

For good measure, Vox Day throws in an introduction to Logic and Rhetoric, showing how to apply Aristotle’s 2400-year-old insights to combatting Social Justice today.

Toward the end of 2015, Social Justice exploded in universities on both sides of the Atlantic. Among the incidents:

  • In October, a Nobel Laureate, Tim Hunt, was fired from London University after a feminist tweeted about a joke he made about women in laboratories at a conference in South Korea. When he got back to the UK, he thought he’d landed in North Korea vi.
  • At Dartmouth College, on November 12, a crowd of left-wing “anti-racist” activists invaded the library and shouted obscenities at white students vii.
  • During November, #BlackLivesMatter activists at the University of Missouri stood in front of the university president’s car, and one falsely claimed to have been struck by the car. Instead of disciplining the students, he resigned viii.
  • On 30 November, Islamic extremists disrupted a speech at London University by an atheist ex-Muslim, and were supported both by the college’s feminist society ix and its LGBT society x.
  • In December, a lecturer at Yale was driven out of her post because she wrote an email refusing to agree to advise students not to wear Halloween costumes which are examples of “cultural appropriation”. I’m not making this up xi.

The leading critic of Jewish power, Gilad Atzmon, recently published an article about censorship at London University xii – but only Jewish censorship. I disagree with his emphasis.

Here’s why. At the same university, professor Tim Hunt was fired after a feminist denounced him. Muslims at another branch of the university tried to censor an ex-Muslim, claiming the woman’s views would violate their “safe space”. These are further examples of the same tactic, feelings-based politics, used to suppress academic freedom, but neither of them are examples of Jewish power. As the examples with which I began this article show, Social Justice can be used either to defend, or oppose, the Jewish state – the phenomenon is independent of Jewish power.

Cultural Marxism

However, there is a good case that Jewish intellectuals were overrepresented among the originators of Social Justice. Kevin MacDonald’s “The Culture of Critique” (Praeger, 1998) xiii gives a survey of intellectual movements dominated by self-identified Jews, who explicitly recognized that the ideas they promoted would serve Jewish ethnic interests, by undermining the self-confidence of the white European nations. Among these are Boasian anthropology, the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, and some left-wing political organisations.

Another popular collective term for what these movements have in common is “Cultural Marxism”. It’s not an entirely satisfactory phrase, but it has stuck, so I’ll try to explain what it means. The idea is, communist intellectuals were disappointed in the failure of the proletariat to overthrow Western civilisation.

Some of them claimed the reason had something to do with psychology, and produced books like “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” (Wilhelm Reich, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1933) xiv and “The Authoritarian Personality” (Theodor Adorno et al, Harper and Row, 1950) xv. This contributed to the emergence of the feelings-based politics which dominates modern leftism, especially in the USA. They looked for alternative groups of oppressed people to combat the worst (and best) aspects of Western civilisation. They chose third-world peasants, members of minorities such as gay and black people, and women. They substituted these groups for the working class.

Cultural Marxism encourages

  • women to blame male privilege
  • minorities, including Jews and Muslims, to think they are oppressed by white privilege
  • lesbian and gay people to believe they are oppressed by straight male privilege
  • support for “national liberation struggles” in “the global south”
  • feelings-based politics, in which objective facts are unimportant

The critics of Cultural Marxism also seized on a phrase by German student activist Rudi Dutschke, “the long march through the institutions”, attributed it to Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, and amalgamated it into the concept “Cultural Marxism”. The idea is, if the major organisations of the West cannot be overthrown, they can be undermined from within.

Cultural Marxism began its life as a primarily Jewish creation. But the monster has left the lab, and its creators no longer control it. To give a concrete example, perhaps, as Kevin MacDonald argues, American Jewish organisations have promoted mass immigration from non-white countries in order to undermine white dominance. But Muslim immigration is not in Jewish interests. Neither do Jews benefit from black activism today – Jews may have been overrepresented in the Civil Rights movement, but they didn’t foresee hate groups like the New Black Panthers – in fact, Jewish organisations condemn them.

Change is in the air. The contemptuous phrase “social justice warrior” has gained much traction since #GamerGate. Anti-feminists like Lauren Southern effortlessly and humorously demolish SJW lies, for example, gaining widespread publicity for holding up a sign in the middle of a feminist rally saying “There Is No Rape Culture In The Westxvi – a triply offensive slogan, because

  • it’s true
  • it says feminists are lying
  • it specifically mentions something that’s good about the West, and implicitly, not so good about various other places

The SJWs’ Islamist allies are also helping the coming downfall of Social Justice. By trafficking underage girls in Britain xvii, murdering cartoonists in France xviii, and organising gangs to sexually assault women in Germany xix, to mention a few recent incidents, some (not most) Western-born Muslims, and some of the recent arrivals, are making their co-religionists unpopular.

The SJW response continues to encourage Muslim bad behaviour, by claiming “Islamophobia” is as bad as that behaviour. For example, Ralf Jaeger, the interior minister for the area including Cologne, said, of the New Year’s Eve 2015/16 outbreak of assault, rape and robbery by Muslims, that freedom of speech is at least as bad as sexual assault:

“What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chatrooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.” (BBC News, 7 January 2016) xx.

Muslim sex crimes, media cover-ups, and the inadequate response of politicians, police, and social workers, leads more and more decent people to question mass immigration. This is not the result that SJWs want.

The opponents of Social Justice are confident the rebound will continue. 2016 will be a good year for truth, liberty and justice, and a bad year for equality, diversity, tolerance and progress.


  1. ‘Cultural Marxism’ is indeed not a very clever term. For example, the Trotsky-cult at (who are self-identifying marxists of course) regularly excoriate multi-culturalism, identity politics, feelings-politics, and halloween costume politics.

    • I agree – Cultural Marxism has nothing to do with Marxism, and “sensible” leftists. But the SJWs became more powerful than them, on both sides of the Atlantic, much as the Taliban became the most powerful force in Afghanistan. Much of the student idiocy in America is stirred up by the ISO, a once-Trot organisation. The SWP, Britain’s largest far-left group, was decimated in a classic SJW rape-accusation manoeuvre.

  2. I was just about to write, before seeing your comment, that they are very ‘cultural’ at that, these self-identifying marxists — their devotion to (long) film reviews is quite noticeable. Here for example they take issue with a German film they judge anti-German: .

    Now that you mention it, my God how they revile the ISO! And as for the Frankfurters, they have just come out with a book against them, in the forward of which is this sentence: ‘Pseudo-left politics—centered on race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and sexual preference—has come to play a critical role in suppressing opposition to capitalism, by rejecting class as the essential social category and emphasizing, instead, personal “identity” and “lifestyle,” and by legitimizing imperialist interventions and wars in the name of “human rights.”’

  3. The truth is not the exact opposite of what WSWS say. In Muslim culture, most men shit on women; and if they get a chance, many will grope the tits and fanny of any woman of childbearing age that they can, except their mother and sisters. Many Muslim men have as their proudest achievement their growth of a cock that can point upwards and go hard, and they have absolutely fuck-all idea of how to treat a woman as a person. Your average Muslim man from a Muslim culture is amazingly less mature when it comes to talking to women than your average non-Muslim guy from the “advanced” west. So I’m not defending or denying Muslim men’s assaults on women here. Frankly, what do you expect when you have loads of Muslim men in a railway station and a few unattached non-Muslim women in their company? I would expect sexual assaults; that’s what I’d expect. But the Cologne story wasn’t “suppressed” before the truth miraculously burst through. It was pushed by Pamela Geller, a rabid Zionist, i.e. Judeofascist, and the idea that it had been suppressed was great cover for promoting it a few days after it happened. If you fall for the line that this was “the truth they tried to suppress”, you’re falling for a lie of Zionism. I’m not sure whether you are aware of Geller’s activity; if not, take a look at her website to check out what I say.

      • They didn’t suppress it. Credit to the German media for not jumping into action when Geller issued the say-so.

        Why should these assaults be a top world news story. Why should they even be the top story in Germany?

        Sadly, I expect that next time the German media will do as they’re told without hesitation.

        The way some of the goy media and police in Germany wrang their hands afterwards to apologise was embarrassing and a result of a classic Jewish media operation. I’m sure Mel Gibson and Cherie Blair understood what was going on, if they followed the story. And guys at the BBC, etc. etc. too

        As for Breitbart, they and Geller aren’t independent! Breitbart published this: Geller: Europe’s Civil War Breaks Out: The Battle for Stockholm’s Train Station.

        Geller “broke” the story on 3 January.

        The earliest report I can find by al-Jazeera is from 7 January, in which they quote Angela Merkel, so they weren’t reporting it before the German media did. I searched at Google for items on dated between 1 Jan and 7 Jan and containing the word “Cologne”. The earliest I could find was on 7 Jan.

        This was a Zionazi-origin story.

        That doesn’t make it not true.

  4. I admire the intellectual honesty of this blog, but you are getting your head twisted by a propaganda term there, namely “suppressed”. I posted a comment showing that Geller and Breitbart aren’t mutually independent and also showing that al-Jazeera only picked up the story on 7 Jan, four days after Geller circulated it. Did you get my comment? I can’t remember the email addresses I put, so my comments will show with different avatars. I am the same “Someone or Other” though.

    I made the point that a Zionazi story can sometimes be true (the media never reports stuff just because it’s true – there’s always an angle; even when they report the horse racing results, the angle is “keep betting”), but given the appearance of unknown groups of masked men carrying out violence in both Cologne and Stockholm, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was this kind of premeditation. A friend in Cologne tells me there’s been some “weird stuff” happening in that city, although she hasn’t told me the details. At the moment, I’d say it’s probably more likely that Geller heard of the events after they happened. But we don’t know. And people like Geller and the organisation she belongs to (the NSJAP) have absolutely no care for the truth. What counts is what works. You can’t properly remove that consideration when considering this story. It’s crucial to it.

    If you won’t publish my comments, that’s OK – do what you like! – but if so, I’ll stop posting them! I thought I was with the basic spirit of what you’re trying to do here.

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