Gad Saad’s dissonance re. Islamophobia and Anti-semitism

Gad Saad is one of the “vloggers” (Youtube bloggers) who defends good stuff like freedom of speech and evolutionary psychology, and opposes bad stuff like radical feminism. He’s in roughly the same league as Lauren Southern and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Among the illusions these “cultural libertarians” are trying to dispel is the usefulness of the term “Islamophobia”. In a recent interview with Irish atheist Michael Nugent, Saad agrees with Nugent’s statement that rational people should give up “the silencing word ‘Islamophobia'”. Nugent goes on to argue that the word

conflates bigotry against Muslims as people, which is a bad thing, with criticism of Islam, which is a good thing

But Saad, who is Jewish, takes a completely different view of the phrase “anti-semitism”. In another recent video, instead of denouncing it as a political tool, as he does with the term “Islamophobia”, he uncritically accepts a report by the Anti-Defamation League, on “Global Indices of Anti-Semitism“.

He gives examples of the questions the Anti-Defamation League asks to establish if someone is “anti-semitic”. One of them is

Do you think it’s probably true that Jews have too much control over the US government?

Without irony, Saad lists the West Bank and the Gaza strip, which are either occupied by the Israeli army, or regularly bombed by planes bearing the star of David, as having the highest rate of “anti-semitism” in the world. He then goes on to list all the other countries with a high rate of “anti-semitism”, and they’re all Muslim.

It’s unfortunate that someone so clear on the political use of words like “Islamophobia” and other nonsense-terms invented by social justice warriors, should be so blind to the obvious analogy with the use of the phrase “anti-semitism”. It’s a clear example of Jewish double-standards. But we know what the Anti-Defamation League would call that observation.

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